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I thought I would drop you a little letter thanking you and your staff for the excellent products and service we have received from your company. Your company were able to supply our rugby shirts at the most competitive price without compromising on quality, which other companies were not able to achieve. I will without doubt be using your company again and will be recommending you to other units.

WO1 T.A.W. 1 R.H.A.


So what's this about then?

OK..... there are many companies, some advertising on Google, offering embroidered and printed clothing that have NO manufacturing facilities at all. They operate from rented offices and front rooms and we know them as "middle men" They make a profit over the true cost and YOU pay.

Because Ensign Motifs has a large, modern, workshop with 20 experienced and well trained staff operating the very latest computer controlled embroidery and direct to garment machines; we believe that we can beat their prices.

So..., show me a quote for embroidered or printed garments from a competitor supplier and I will BUST their quote. You will recieve the same garments, embroidered to a better standard and pay less.....

What's not to like....?



If you would like us to bust your quote or require more information please e-mail as follows.

You can send your quote to us by using the link below and attach it via your email, Thank you.

Or you can call us on +44 (0) 1436 84 2581 or 2716

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